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Konza Landscape Drawings

"But there, in the fence row they stood!

Their sanctuary was only a foot wide. But it was a quarter section long. They were safe because the road worker's mower does not reach there; and the farmer does not plow there."

May Theilgaard Watts, “Prairie Plowing Match,” Reading The Landscape: An Adventure in Ecology (New York: Macmillan,1957), 28.

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A selection of drawings in watercolor and pencil made during a very brief stay at the Konza Prairie Biological Station of Kansas State University in Manhattan Kansas, in July 2018. With thanks to my host Linda Duke, the Director of the Marian Kistler Beach Museum, for her introduction to the Prairie Studies Initiative, and not least for arranging the stay. Many thanks also to Dr. John Briggs, formerly the senior biologist at the research station, who made time to conduct a remarkable tour of the Konza while describing aspects of the work there.

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