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Zion Landscape Drawings

"...time had conspired with capital to annihilate space."

William Cronon, Nature's Metropolis: Chicago and the Great West (New York: Norton, 1991), 259.

As a beginning to the more focused landscape work since 2015, these observational drawings slowed down my looking. Gathering a spatial sense of the Midwest from reading William Cronon's Nature's Metropolis left me with the distinct impression that the post-colonial layer that is the United States of America is about an inch thick. If I were to be able to go to the lakeshore and start peeling back the concrete, the ancient landscape is still there. The idea of landscapes being hidden in plain sight has deeply informed my work since.

What is hidden, what is not, what remains, and what endures?


Observing, and at some point re-telling the untold, lost, and forgotten stories of the land.

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